Below is a list of typical Techni Ice markets and applications.

Camping, Hunting & Fishing: As a reusable long lasting ice replacement for coolers and cooler bags for keeping food and drinks both hot or cold.
Picnics: To wrap around wine bottled and keep food fresh.
Children: Techni Ice" can be cut to fit any lunchbox to keep food cool or hot.
Housewives: Bringing frozen food and ice cream home from the supermarket.
Mothers: Keeping babies bottles warm or cool for juice or milk.
Using as a warming pack in strollers and babies bedding
All perishables, including meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, cut flowers and chocolates, etc.
Catering and Deliverables: Consumer deliveries such as pizza, diet meals and pre-prepared food, which require food to be kept hot or cold.
Meals On Wheels: Used by local food banks throughout the US.
Medical: Transportation of Pathology Samples, e.g. blood, tissue, medicine, etc.
Hospital: Cut to size for a flexible ice pack and used for the reduction of swelling after surgery, or for perineum after childbirth, nike air max 90 after an epidural as an ice-cold test, etc.
Dental: Can be cut into individual cells and used to reduce swelling after tooth extraction and given to patients to takeaway.
First Aid: As a flexible wrap around ice pack or heat pack for injuries.
Sports: As a flexible wrap around ice pack by all sports clubs and sports organizations such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, tennis, downhill skiing, volleyball, etc.
Veterinary: Used as a flexible heat pack, to keep bedding warm for post operative and sick animals.
Veterinary: Transporting Pathology Samples.
Horses: A flexible ice pack to mold around horses legs (the cannon area).

Camping, Fishing, Boating and just about any other outdoor hobbies.