So you want to be a Wholesaler?
Great! Techni Ice is one of the most exciting products to hit the market in years. Perfect for hunters, campers, fisherman, outdoor lovers or virtually anyone that buys ice for their coolers.

The phrase, "Never Buy Ice Again" (which we coined by the way) explains the product completely. Imagine, nike air max 2015 6 sheets of Techni Ice in a 48 quart cooler and EVERYTHING in that cooler stays cold for 3 days.... 3 DAYS! WOW!

As a wholesaler, here's what you get:
NO Further fees
All artwork and graphics supplied for banners and ads
All Technical info & "How To" info provided in Word documents
Unlimited email support for questions or problems pertaining to product and sales
Extensive "Tip Sheet" for better sales
Your start-up kit will include 1 case of Techni Ice 4-Ply Heavy Duty Reusable (250 sheets) plus everything you see above
  Future product purchases must be made in case increments, NO MINIMUM required. Multiple case product purchases provide incremental discounts.

Where do I sell?
Boat shows, RV and Camper shows
Gun shows
Hunting and Fishing shows
Craft Fairs
City, County and State Fairs
Websites and anywhere people gather
The pricing for this incredible deal is $950.00 usd. This includes EVERYTHING you need to get started. Where else can you get into a turnkey business so inexpensively?

So.... what are you waiting for? Contact us for TODAY and start making over 100% profit in your own small business. CLICK HERE!